About Malcon-Art

Malcon Art, having ‘’inherited’’ the 45 years of experience of Globus House, was founded in April 2014. The founders of the latter had sensed the demands of the youth of the 70’s, so they were the first to introduce Posters in the Greek market. For a number of years ‘’Globus House’’ was directly connected to the word ‘’Posters’’. Since 1970 until 2014, Globus House, through its’ exclusive cooperation with the largest publishing companies worldwide, had managed to create and successfully give growth to the Wall Decoration market in Greece. It is more than once that Globus House was awarded for its’ exceptional performance in this field.

Malcon Art retains the basic product line of Globus House (posters, prints, finished wall decoration products), but has expanded further offering its’ clients a variety of Mirrors, processing choices and high- end customized decoration solutions.

Along with the Wall Decoration products, Malcon Art is the exclusive representative and distributor of Innova Editions L.T.D, of U.K. Innovas’ collection brings to the consumer a large variety of Frames, Photo-frames, Multi-photo-frames , Photo-albums, Mirrors, Clocks and Wall Art.